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What is the harm of improper selection of LED tunnel lights?

Datetime: 2018-05-30 20:08:52    Views: 1180

The LED tunnel light is one of the projection lamps, but it is also different from the LED spot light. The installation and use of the scene are different. What harm can LED tunnel light do when it is purchased unproperly?

Some customers are greedy for cheap, the selected LED tunnel lights in the use of a period of time, there are various problems, causing a lot of inconvenience to the vehicles passing through the tunnel, and even easy to cause traffic accidents. Many drivers who have recently passed the high speed show that the lights in the tunnel are getting darker and less bright enough to be afraid to drive through the road. When entering the tunnel from the outside, there is always a blind area in a few seconds. Suddenly it is dark, and nothing can be seen. Especially in sunny days with good sunlight, this situation is more obvious and prone to rear end collision. LED tunnel lamps need to be replaced after a certain number of years of use. Most lamps and lanterns are seriously damaged after five years of use, and the light is getting darker and darker. If you choose to buy LED tunnel light with poor quality, it will be less than a year before most of the light is dim. Choosing LED tunnel light, the best light distribution is bat type. The adjacent LED tunnel lights are complementary to each other to avoid dark areas and have adjustable angle bracket.

The installation of LED tunnel lights is obviously more advantageous than traditional lamps and lanterns, which is more energy efficient and more important.