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What factors have an impact on the life of LED street lamps?

Datetime: 2018-05-30 20:20:37    Views: 1316

The choice of LED street lamps is due to its energy saving. So what is the life expectancy for LED street lamps? I believe that users are also concerned about the life of LED street lamps when they are buying and buying. The following Shenzhen LED street lamp manufacturers have you know what factors affect the life of LED street lamps.

Influence factor 1, LED street lamp controller:

The controller not only controls, monitors, maintains the operating conditions of the battery components, batteries, and loads, but also controls the battery together to ensure the operating conditions of the battery, and also directly maintains the load of the LED street lamp, providing a useful and relatively stable operating environment, especially in the lack of battery power. Work under critical conditions such as lack or undervoltage operation. A controller with high accuracy and stable function will play a key role. For example, sometimes LED street lighting will flash. This fault is mainly the problem of the controller.

Influence factor two, illuminant light source:

Different lighting sources have different service life, such as low pressure sodium lamp, low voltage electrodeless lamp, LED street lamp, low voltage fluorescent lamp and so on. Now in Longchang LED street lamps mainly use LED lights, the main reason is the good quality of life in 50000 hours, the theory of 10 hours a day lighting, can be used for more than 10 years. So installing LED street lamps to select a good light source is the key.

Influence factor three, light source starter:

Different starters start differently, requiring different ballasts or driving power lights. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED street light source. The current source is usually driven by a constant current source. Whether the constant current source is good or bad and whether the size of the setting parameter can be suitable for light source is very important. Mainly look at: constant current accuracy, output power, maintenance circuit, parameter setting scale and so on.

Influence factor four, battery:

The LED street lamp selects the battery with more stable performance. And during the construction process, the battery should be tightly installed and beware of water intake and other unexpected elements. Otherwise, it will directly affect the service life of solar street lamps.