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Is LED street light energy saving or pollution?

Datetime: 2018-05-30 20:06:32    Views: 1118

LED street lights are more and more popular and concerned, this LED street lamp is the leading role of the lighting era, caused the opinions of all parties, some people will say, the LED street lamp is very good acridine, "energy saving assistant", at the same time, it is said that the LED street lamp is the culprit of pollution? Is it really this way?

LED lamps generally use precise light distribution, where light is needed, and light is not needed. Therefore, the general LED street light is irradiated on the road surface, while the traditional light source is scattered everywhere, and the wasted light will eventually become light pollution. At present, there are a large number of sodium and yellow light in urban lighting. This light penetrability is strong, and the city"s nighttime light pollution is formed by the city glittering commercial neon lights and crane towers. The impact on astronomical observation is basically devastating, so it is difficult for us to see clean starry sky. Generally speaking, the use of high quality LED lighting can reduce the light pollution of the city at night to a certain extent.

With the rapid pace of replacing LED street lights in cities all over the world, the high pressure sodium lamp, which causes night light pollution, will be replaced by a large number, and the planning and management of the night lighting in the city are becoming more and more standardized, and it is believed that the night light pollution in the city will be improved obviously.